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Empower Your Holidays 

Gain the tools that will help you enter into the holidays feeling strong and mentally healthy!

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. But for many of us, it can bring stress, overeating, and a sense of overwhelm. The pressure to create perfect moments, the temptations of endless feasts, and the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations can take a toll on our emotional well-being.

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Empower Your Holidays!

We are here to change that. We believe that you deserve to enjoy the holidays to the fullest without sacrificing your mental and physical health. Our program is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to transform this holiday season into a time of strength, happiness, and emotional resilience.

In this virtual workshop we will cover

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Workshop Details 

What: Five days of 20 minute "lightning sessions" that include mental health tools and 5- minute movement practices that will help you face common hurdles during the holiday season.  

Where: All videos, worksheets and workouts will be on your course page! 

When: Start the program whenever and have access yo it throughout the holiday season! 

Cost:  $25 for all 5 days!  Only $5 a day! 

Christmas Gift

Give the gift of health! 

Bring you friends along! This year, instead of giving something physical, give your loved ones the gift of getting through this holiday season with the tools and skills to be sucessful! 

Empower Your Holidays Schedule! 

Day 1

Family-Related Stress: 

How to take breaks, communicate and follow through with boundaries 

A fun, light hearted movement practice 

Day 2

Feeling Sad: 

How to hold space for your emotions when you are in a safe space, and how to distract away from the emotion when it is not safe to feel them.  

A movement practice to help hold space in your body for your emotions.  

Day 3

Emotion eating or Overeating: 

Learn what emotion eating is, when it can be great and when it can be harmful and ways to help reduce harmful emotional eating.  

A movement to help when you have overeaten (because we all know it is going to happen)  

Day 4

Feeling Overwhelmed: 
Tools and skills to use when you are in the moment and you can feel yourself tipping over the edge.  

A face paced movement practice that will help you get back into your body when you need it.  

Day 5

Feeling Strong! 
Tools to use when you need to remember your worth! How to prepare yourself the tough moments without letting others get to your self-confidence.  

Movements that help with feeling powerful! 

Don't let the holidays overwhelm you.

Take control and transform your holiday season into a time of strength, joy, and empowerment. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

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