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Expecting a Sibling

Moms deserve to get some sleep too!

Sleep For New Parents: Webinar

Why do we need sleep? 

Sleep is a basic need for all humans! 

* Helps with our emotional and physical health! 
* Helps regulate our emotions 
* Helps with physical recovery 

* Helps with memory consolidation 
* Helps with learning

Parents with Newborn Baby

Sleep Challenges

There are not only sleep challenges for baby, but also sleep challenges for parents during this newborn phase.  

Learn ways to navigate sleep challenges for baby and for yourself and your partner! 

Sleep Anxiety is Real!

Sleep and feeding are the most common reasons why new parents have anxiety.  

You had thoughts about what sleep was going to look like, it isn't what you thoughts, you cannot force your baby to sleep and you connect sleep with the babies health.  


Get the support you need!

Support Groups, trainings, information, warmline 

Parenting events, postpartum providers, Parenting education

Reach out for individual support for yourself or your relationship

Family Time

Webinar Details

Date: 2/21/24 
Time: 12:00 pm 
Where:  You will be sent a meeting link when you sign up 
Cost: $10

Learn about all of this and more!

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