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Pregnancy and Postpartum Therapy For Anxiety, Sleep Issues and Couples

Get the support you deserve to be able to thrive rather than just survive! 

Mother and Baby

About Kristina Anzell

Therapist for Pregnancy, Therapist Postpartum in Monterey, CA - Kristina Anzell, LCSW

A therapist dedicated to helping you find balance, connection and confidence

You are hard-working, high-achieving and want to get back to feeling like yourself again. 

Since having kids, you feel a loss of identity, connection, and can't seem to get on top of everything that is pushed onto your plate now. 


You are starting to notice anxiety, depression and overwhelm creep into your daily life. 

Pregnancy and Postpartum Specializations in...

Clients work with me because: 

  • They are done feeling this way and want to work towards feeling better.

  • They want a space where they feel heard, understood and validated.

  • They want to dedicate time and energy into working on themselves, learn coping tools, communication skills.

  • They want ways to be able to be healthy for themselves, their kids and their partners.  

Therapy is a place to... 

  • Let go without the fear of judgement 

  • Be 100% authentically yourself without shame 

  • Find validation and comfort in not being alone 

  • Be challenged to become the best version of yourself 

  • Learn how to feel uncomfortable to be able to achieve your goals 

  • Learn ways to be heard and understood by others 

Postpartum Therapy, Monterey CA

Working with me you will...

  • Have a therapist that is just as dedicated to your treatment as you are

  • Learn skills that are proven to be effect for thousands of people

  • Have the flexibility to use each session in a way that feels good for you 

  • Dig deep and look at the cycles you are stuck in 

  • Be able to process your emotions and thoughts 

  • Walk away from each session with a concrete goal to work on for the week

Training and Education


Bachelors in Psychology - UCR

Master of Clinical Social Work - USC


Licensed Clinical Social Worker # 93404


  • Maternal Mental Health

  • ​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • CBT for Insomnia

  • Trauma-Focused CBT 

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills

  • Gottman Method 

Be the best version of yourself not only for you, but for your family as well!

Kristina Anzell, LCSW - Perinatal Counseling provided by a Therapist for Pregnancy and Postnatal Therapist for Postpartum in Monterey, CA

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