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Young Family

Pregnancy and Postpartum Therapy
Pediatric Sleep Consulting

California and Florida

Helping you prepare for and navigate the challenges of growing a family. 

  • Prepare your relationship for a new baby. 

  • Pregnancy and postpartum support for moms and dads and couples. 

  • Help Navigating parenting young children. 

Hi, I'm Kristina Anzell

"Hey there! Welcome to a place where practical solutions meet compassionate support. 

If you're in search of practical, short-term support for couples, pregnancy, or postpartum challenges, you're in the right spot. 

"I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Monterey California, but serve clients all over California and Florida through online therapy. 

I am passionate about helping couples thrive when growing their family, supporting soon-to-be parents during pregnancy, and guiding individuals through the unique challenges of postpartum life. 

My approach is straightforward, practical, and all about finding solutions that work for you.  You deserve a treatment that is as unique as you. 


Together, we'll navigate the path to a more balanced, connected and confident life.   

I am excited to go on a journey with you towards positive, lasting change in your relationship, during pregnancy, or as you navigate the world of postpartum."

Pregnancy Therapist, Postpartum Therapist in Monterey, CA - Kristina Anzell, LCSW

Empower Yourself with the Support You Deserve

You are starting on this journey to becoming a parent.  This might be an exiting time, but it also might mean you are experiencing anxiety, sleep issues, struggles with wellness.  That is okay and you are not alone! ​

Your baby is here! Now what? You were not expecting this anxiety level, sleep difficulties for you and baby, struggles with your wellness journey.  Again! You are not alone! ​

Nobody talks about your relationship when you are pregnant, or when you are in your postpartum phase.  We are in a new phase of life that we don't yet have skills for.  It is normal to have tension in your relationship but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way! 

What to Expect

Structured sessions, action plans, achievable goals, measurement-based


Structured sessions

5-10 minutes to set an agenda for the session to make sure we are working on what you want to work on, and review the action plan from the week before.
30-40 minutes to dig in and get honest and vulnerable with yourself.
5-10 minutes to learn a new skill and create an action plan for this week to come.


Achievable Goals 

We create SMART goals in 3 month increments.  These are goals that are relevant to your life, but broken down into bite sized pieces so that you are actually able to make movements toward your goals! Every 3 months we will evaluate where we are in our goals and make adjustments as needed.  Once you have met all of your goals, you are done with treatment!


Action Plans

Every session you will create an action plan for between sessions and review the action plan from the last session.  This helps us work on your goals outside of the session.  The more you work on something the sooner you will see change!



We don’t just rely on “how are you feeling?” We look at measurements of stress and sadness, and movement on goals to assess if treatment is working or if there needs to be adjustments in the way we are working. 


Kristina Anzell, LCSW - Pregnancy and Postpartum Therapy provided by a Pregnancy Therapist and Postpartum Therapist in Monterey, CA

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