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Mother with her Child

Balance, Connection, and Confidence on Your  Journey Through Motherhood!

In person and online therapy for Moms

in California and Florida

Motherhood isn't supposed to be this hard! 

You have dreamed about being a mom for awhile.  

Now that you are a mom, you are starting to feel overwhelmed with everything that came with being a mom 

You are smart, have a stable home and a loving family... 

at least that is what other people see. 


But...You feel like you are drowning 

Taking care of yourself feels impossible.  You come last after everything.  

You feel like the house is a disaster and gives you stress just being at home.  

You feel like you are starting to be a burden on your partner.  

You are starting to compare yourself to everything and everyone. 

You have tried everything you can think of 

You wake up day after day, and "put your big girl panties on." 

You put on a happy face when you are around other hoping that you can "fake it until you make it." 

When you are feeling overwhelmed, you stuff it down and mask it with a smile, drink a glass a wine, have some chocolate or doom scroll on social media.  

Your thoughts and emotions don't stop thought and you don't know what to do next! 

Young Mom
Mommy and Me

This can change! 

Imagine having a space where you did not have to be strong and put together.  

A place where you could expose yourself as being imperfect and you were not judged.  

Being able to find ways to manage the tasks of being a mom, finding yourself again and your confidence again! 


People think you have it all together, but you feel like you are a mess, lost and uncomfortable.  I see you, I have been you! You are not alone!


You are struggling with your relationship, feeling disconnected and unsupported, there is a way out of that! 66% of couples are in your position! 

You are finding it harder and harder to stop your thoughts or you find that you are spiraling.  There are skills to help reduce your distress!  

I am a clinical social worker specializing in postpartum anxiety, couples with young kids and postpartum health and wellness.  I have lived experience in all of these.  I know how to sit with you and make you feel heard, validated and create a space where you can learn tools around feeling like yourself again! 

Kristina Anzell, Postpartum and couples Therapist in Monterey, CA

Hi, I am Kristina and I am here to help! 

Feel like yourself again! 

Empower Yourself with the Support You Deserve

  • Digital Courses 

  • Workshops 

  • Webinars 

  • Podcast 

  •  Walk and Talk Support Group for Moms in Monterey, CA 

Don't wait, you can start your path to success today!

Postparatum therapy, get started

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Start working towards your goals


Be the best version of yourself not only for you, but for your family as well!

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