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Postpartum Counseling, Postpartum Therapy in Monterey, CA - Kristina Anzell, LCSW
Specialized and compassionate therapy for moms.

Helping you meet your goal of being balanced, connected and confident.   

Therapy for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Postpartum therapy, Monterey CA

"People think I have it all together, but I am so overwhelmed." 

"I do not feel like myself anymore." 

"What if I am doing this all wrong?" 

"People just do not understand what I am going through." 

"Am I a bad mom for not liking my baby all the time?" 

These thoughts can be unbearable at times

  • They keep you from reaching out for support in fear of other moms will judge you, so you sit in your isolation.  

  • You lay awake, knowing you need the sleep, because you just can not turn it off.  You end up being tired and cranky the next day and the cycle continues.

  • You start to cry because it just feels like too much with no relief in sight.   

Imagine for a second... 

  • Feeling confident and balanced

  • Engaging in your hobbies

  • Being able to take a shower when you want to 

  • Feeling supported by your family and friends 

  • Feeling like you are the best mom you can be

Postpartum Therapy, Monterey CA

Postpartum therapy will help you...

  • Learn ways to reduce overwhelm, anxiety and depression

  • Make time to do activities that replenish your energy 

  • Find ways to take care of yourself 

  • Learn how to effectively reach out for support

  • Feel more confident in your abilities as a mom


My Approach to Therapy

My clients walk away feeling heard, validated and understood.  They walk away with concrete skills to help them navigate motherhood and this postpartum period outside of the therapy room.  

My clients get a treatment tailored specifically to them because, even though we are all in this together, we all have unique situations that deserve a unique treatment.   

I dedicate my all to you because you deserve it and I expect the same from you when working towards your goals.  

Areas Of Expertise 

  • Postpartum Anxiety 

  • Postpartum Depression 

  • Life Transitions 

  • Sleep Issues 

  • Identity after becoming a mom 

  • Relationships 

  • Christian Counseling 

Therapy Modalities 

  • Walk and Talk Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) 

  • Gottman Method 

  • CBT for Insomnia (CBT-I ) 

Together, lets discover ways to be the best mom you can be!

Frequently Asked Questions about Postpartum Therapy

We start off with an intake. This is our first session and will be for an assessment and summary of what you are experiencing in this postpartum period. In our second session we will set goals that are relevant and realistic. We will set 1-3 goals to achieve in the next 3 months. We will then create a treatment plan around these goals to make sure we achieve them. Each session after that has the same structure. 1. The first 5-10 minutes are to set an agenda for the session and to review your assignment for the previous week. 2. For the majority of the session we will be getting deeper, processing and learning tools to help us in our day to day. 3. The last 10 minutes will be reserved for pulling out one specific skill, thought, or activity to focus on for the week between sessions. The more you engage in the therapy learning outside of the therapy session, the faster you will see change.

What does postpartum therapy look like?

Starting therapy can be a huge leap of faith. We put our trust into a process that has a lot of unknowns. One of the reasons I use treatments that have been proven to be effective (evidenced-based treatments) is to take some of the unknowns away. The treatments we will be using, CBT and DBT, has been proven to be effective for thousands and thousands of people. Now that being said, there are still a lot of factors besides the type of treatment in predicting success. Do you and your therapist mesh well? Do you feel like you can trust them and open up to them about issues that are embarrassing or shameful? Are you ready to feel the pain that comes along with feeling better? Do you and the therapist have the same availability so that you can consistently show up to your appointments? Is it the right time to put effort into changing outside of the therapy room? If you are able to answer yes to all of these questions, your likelihood of seeing change will be increased greatly.

How Do I know Postpartum Therapy will work for me?

How long do I need postpartum therapy for?

While the typical length of treatment for my clients is anywhere from 3 months to a year, it is hard to say because it is completely dependent on each individual person and what they are coming to therapy for. It is dependent on the severity of symptoms, how many goals you have, how dedicated you are to implement the changes we talk about in therapy, and more! Predicting length of treatment when working with me: 1.An in depth assessment and goal setting to determine the amount of work needed. 2.Setting realistic and achievable goals for every 3 months in treatment 3.Treatment that aligns with goals to keep on track 4.Reviewing and reassessing of goals at each 3 month mark. 5.Replacing goals with new ones once they are achieved. Once we have met all of our goals, that means you have completed your treatment. We will have some follow up sessions a few months apart from each other just to make sure we are maintaining our goals, and then you will graduate treatment!

How do I get started?

• Call me or schedule a Free 15-minute consultation. • If we are a good fit, I will book a session with you! • You will fill out some intake paperwork on your client portal. (I will walk you through how to set this up) • At the time of our first session join virtually by following the link that was emailed and texted to you.

Kristina Anzell, LCSW - Postpartum Counselor and Therapist providing Postpartum Counseling Treatment and Postpartum Therapy in Monterey, CA

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